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An inside look at temping

When I started my business 22 years ago, temporary work was considered, well, temporary. It was good if you liked to perform odd jobs here and there, once in a while. It was great for housewives who liked to get out of the house or earn some extra spending money.

The times, as they say, certainly have changed. The number of full-time jobs filled through temporary assignments today is staggering. Many companies use temporary services as their main method of staffing. Others consider hiring temporary employees on a permanent basis before even looking at outside candidates. Why? Because a temp who has already worked at a company is a known entity. If you are effectively performing a job, then you are very likely to be offered the position. The fact alone that you have already been at least partially trained is a huge incentive to a hiring manager.

Working on a temporary basis benefits the employee as well. Many candidates tell me they perfer to "test drive" a position, learning as much as they can about the job, the company culture and the work environment, before contemplating a permanent offer. Many employees coming off a previously unhappy work situation are especially interested in the strategy. Other benefits of temping include:

  • receiving a weekly paycheck
  • maintaining job skills
  • boosting morale
  • sampling different industries
  • making networking contacts
  • gaining valuable experience
  • getting a foot in the door

My advice to anyone seeking a job of their dreams is to stay flexible, think positive and consider the advantages of temporary or contract work – it could work for you!

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