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Staffing Services

Whatever your staffing needs may be, JMPeters has both the experience and expertise to serve you. Please feel free to give Jean Peters, JMPeters president and founder, a call to discuss.

Temporary Staffing
JMPeters started in May 1984. After working for a large employment agency in New York City (two years) and a national service locally (two years), Jean Peters saw the need for quality office staffing. Since then, the focus of JMPeters has been to place quality candidates on every single job order. Specializing in administrative, clerical, accounting, and human resources. Jean applies her years of experience in placing the right candidate in every job. Even file clerks and receptionists require very precise skills and aptitudes. Identifying the candidate who possesses the right mix of motivation, experience, interest, and availability is a unique problem-solving exercise that needs to be solved in a very short time frame for temporary help.

"When a company needs someone in a day or two, I am glad that I have a large data base, up-to-date records of availability, skills, references and contact info, and the ability to think clearly under pressure," says Jean. "It is a challenge--thats for sure--but I believe I have the background and experience to make the best placements under the time pressure for office placements. In addition, our prices are extremely competitive and offer tremendous value to our customer base. Quality candidates at the best price available is what has kept our service thriving all these years," says Jean.

A popular hiring method for JMPeters is the temp-to-hire program. When an order for a full-time position is placed, JMPeters will screen, test, and reference check the candidates before submitting them to our client for review. Interviews are then scheduled with prospective candidates. Once a candidate is selected, a pay rate is established and a start date arranged. Our program allows clients to try out temporary employees before making a hiring decision. After completing the required hours, the candidate is eligible to be hired by the company without any additional fees. If a company chooses, a candidate can be hired sooner. In this case, a buy-out is figured based on the hours remaining in the program. Please call Jean Peters at 513-772-0555 or email her at JPeters@JMPSearch.com for program details.

JMPeters will work with the needs of our client to make hiring hassle-free and successful. Benefits of temp-to-hire include free recruiting and screening and the opportunity to observe a candidate's suitability for a position before committing to full time. This reduces the risks of consequences when someone is hired without a trial (unemployment, liability, etc.). One of the drawbacks, however, is a somewhat smaller pool of candidates since a full-time employee at another company generally is not willing to quit a permanent job for a temp-to-hire. JMPeters will send you a temp-to-hire agreement letter to review the specifics of this program at your request.

Permanent Placement
When a full-time position is difficult to fill, needs to be filled immediately, or needs more time dedicated to the search, JMPeters can assist. Fees for permanent placement are paid by the client company and are based on annual starting salary. Positions filled in the past year include the following: Marketing Assistant, Human Resources Generalist, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Financial Analyst, Recruiter, Accounting Clerk, Payroll Specialist, and Loan Processor. JMPeters can work contingency and retained search assignments. Contact an account manager to discuss your interest in this service and how we can help with your unique situation.

Payroll Services
Many corporations contact us for payrolling. This service allows a client to utilize a friend, family member, former employee, or acquaintance without worrying about tax, unemployment, liability, and other issues relating to an employee of your own. Simply call us and we can put this person on our payroll and bill you a very nominal amount for the taxes and administrative function. Ask for a quote – we feel it will be lower than our competitors.

On-Site Human Resource Professionals
When you need someone to be on your premises in the HR department, call us for the right experience and knowledge. JMPeters has a large group of talented professionals who are seeking contract H.R. Positions, full-time or part-time. These stints can last from a few days to months. So if you need recruiting expertise in technical recruiting, hourly employees, due diligence with reference checking or scheduling interviews and testing, we would like to discuss the options with you.

Client Promotions
To show our appreciation and keep our name in front of the businesses who rely on our services, we have ongoing promotional specials. Mailers are sent regularly detailing the current offer. Cookies, ice cream treats, flowers, movie passes, and donations to local charities for orders placed are all recent programs that have run. If you would like to receive a mailing regarding our promotions, email Jean at JPeters@JMPsearch.com.

Out Placement
When a function is no longer needed in your company and positions need to be eliminated, we have referrals to outstanding service providers who will assist with counseling, resume writing, interviewing tips, networking advice, and many other topics of immediate interest. Layoffs can be painful but necessary in today's ever-changing marketplace. We can help to ease these difficult transitions for everyone involved.

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