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Taking the risk out of hiring

Finding the right candidate for any full time position is often a scary process. Many employers worry that a poor fit will result in enormous hardship. It is difficult and time consuming to train new employees and equally painful to terminate. Many companies have progressive discipline steps required to terminate an employee so this creates a long delay in making changes if a candidate does not work out. Due to the problems associated with hiring the wrong person, many companies have decided to try a candidate on a temporary basis first. This allows a risk free trial on both the candidate and the company's part. Some companies have contacted JMPeters to "payroll" people they find directly so that the new hire is not an actual employee until they have time to evaluate. JMPeters is a great source for lots of flexible hiring solutions that take the risk and cost out of staffing. If you have identified a candidate you would like to try on a temporary basis, call for a great quote from Jean.


JMPeters will also conduct perm searches on an hourly basis instead of a contingency fee. Hourly rates for screening tests and sourcing quality candidates start at $25.00/hr.

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