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Frequently Asked Questions of JMPeters

Q: If a company is Casual Dress, do I have to dress up for an interview?
A: Yes. Always dress in business attire for an interview. It is possible that the interviewer will be dressed casually but you are expected to dress professionally when interviewing for a job. The only exception would be if an interviewer makes a specific point in scheduling the interview to have you dress casually. In this case, be sure you are dressed appropriately for a business meeting even though you may not be formal. This means no jeans, shorts, sweats, sandals, t-shirts, revealing attire such as halter tops, belly shirts and the like. Casual business attire still means "in good taste". Feel free to discuss clothing issues with the staff at JMPeters.

Q: I was fired from my last job. Do I have to talk to a future employer about it?
A: All job changes are of interest to an interviewer. They will want to know why you left to understand motivations, work habits, and interests. It is wise to be honest about problems. It is very important to think about how you will answer the hard questions before sitting before an interviewer. Never bad mouth a former boss or blame anyone. Your attitude and analysis speaks volumes about how you handle set backs and difficulties. Talk to your placement representative about any questions you have about interview questions and how to address employer concerns.

Q: Should I write a follow up note after the interview?
A: Thanking an interviewer for an interview and expressing your interest in the position is always a good idea. In the interview, ask for the interviewers business card so you have the spelling and address correct. An email thank you is appropriate. Employers want to know if you are interested in the position and enthusiastic to contribute so let them know! Be sure to proofread anything you send to the employer and possibly have another person look at it as well, if possible, to check spelling, grammar and wording.

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