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Career Advice by Jean
Hello All, 

Welcome to the career advice section of JMPeters. In my over 25 years as a professional recruiter I have seen all aspects of the business and can tell you that while your core qualifications are extremely important in your job search your appearance and interviewing skills are equally important. From making a great first impression to asking questions during your interview to writing follow up thank you notes, all the little things add up. This section will help you do all the little things needed to land your dream job. Below you will find many of my published articles as well as a few mp3's offering additional career advice. I hope you enjoy!

Jean Peters

Article Archive
An Inside Look at Temping
When I stared my business 22 years ago, temporary work was considered, well, temporary. It was good if you liked to perform odd jobs here and there, once in a while. It was great for housewives who liked to get out of the house or earn some extra spending money.

The times, as they say, certainly have changed. The number of full-time jobs filled through temporary assignments today is staggering. (full article)

Career Killers to Avoid
A high school senior recently called me about the possibility of summer temporary work. As I do with all job applicants, I asked about any previous experience and references from those jobs. She had worked at a local discount retailer but "hated that job so I won't get a good reference," she replied. "why will they give you a bad reference," I probed. (full article)
Your first 'real' job: Survival tips for recent college grads
This spring, college graduates will descend upon the job market eager to use the knowledge and skills they have gained through four years of intense study (and payments!). Trouble is, for many, the work world will not be beating a path to the door. In fact, without relevant experience, it will be a challenge for most to secure even entry-level positions in their fields of interest.

After observing, hiring and training many college grads over the past 22 years in business, I'd like to pass on the following advice: (full article)

First Impressions Last
It's widely believed that most employers make hiring decisions within the first 60 seconds of an interview. There's some truth to this belief. Many interviewers agree that first impressions are lasting and essential to securing a job offer. If the first impression you project is negative, the chance of success is minimal.
(full article)
Frequently Asked Questions of JMPeters
Q: If a company is Casual Dress, do I have to dress up for an interview?
A: Yes. Always dress in business atire for an interview. It is possible that the interviewer will be dressed casually but you are expected to dress professionally when interviewing for a job. The only exception would be if an interviewer makes a specific point in scheduling the interview to have you dress casually.
(more frequently asked questions)

MP3 Archive - Listen to interview tips any time!

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Preparing for first day on job (download mp3)

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